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The Rolling Stones began calling themselves the "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band" in the Sixties, and few argued with them — even then. More than 40 years later, the band's music continues to sound vital. With literally scores of genre-setting hits under the group's belt — and fronted by two of rock's biggest archetypes — the Rolling Stones have done more to define the look, attitude and sound of rock & roll than any other band in the genre's history.
Mick Taylor Leaves The Rolling Stones

"It was inevitable. I was becoming so depressed and frustrated that it was rubbing off on the group. I had a lot of personal problems which had nothing to do with the group. I was bored. Not bored with the Rolling Stones but bored with myself. I knew I had a lot more inside me, and it needed to get out.

I was actually getting very bored with the inactivity and the lack of direction. You know, for a whole year we just really didn’t do anything. We didn’t see each other and nothing was happening. And there were all sorts of things going on that had absolutely nothing to do with the band and being on the road and making records, which, I think, interfered with relationships within the band.

I think if I’d have been a little older, I don’t think I would have left actually. You know, I don’t REGRET that I left, but because I hadn’t been involved with them right from the beginning, there was much more of a sense of urgency about needing to do something else, inside me, you know. Whereas with the rest of them, they always knew inside themselves that no matter how difficult things were or how crazy things were, they’d sort of always be together, they’d get through it.”

-Mick Taylor